15 Cute Hairstyle Ideas! Funny Situations in the Beauty Salon

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A trendy new hairstyle can make your day better! And we have some ideas for this case!

Supplies and tools:
• Glasses
• Hot glue gun
• Fake hair extensions
• Metallic hair clips
• Spray paint
• Double sided tape
• Hair donut
• Styrofoam
• Cardboard tube
• Acrylic paint
• Chopstick
• Sandpaper
• Chains
• Hair clip
• Key
• Jump ring
• Bobby pins

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    7:35. this is serious?

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    Dssèurda Hszjddnddo

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    This is sooo STUPID

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    Her bangs can be 3D glasses??

  16. virginia Balzer

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  17. Hoor Mubarak

    Hoor Mubarak

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    In real life I don’t like painting with my hair

  18. Kitty ariagames♥︎

    Kitty ariagames♥︎

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    Kid: mommy I really want the flower crown Mom: hmmmm mom: makes DIY flower crown Kid: wowww Kid: mommy do you see his butterflies on my hair Me: she wanted the flower from not butterflies like that makes no sense

  19. Emine Makolaj

    Emine Makolaj

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    Abel Sosa

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    De 5 minutos

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    Dll Pack

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    Wow 🤩



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    what is that funny voice they put lol

  23. The random girl

    The random girl

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    Your hair can be 3-D glasses bruhhhhhhhhhh 👁👄👁

  24. Abraham Tavana

    Abraham Tavana

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    Woonyul Kim 🍯

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    This is not good at all

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    i have popit

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    It is 10:18

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    I am moving out of the house and I am interested in the hair

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    YaY pop it

  31. Katie Czyz

    Katie Czyz

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    I love them all 😍

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    Joanne John

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    U look beautiful 😍

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    Hayley Caller-Williams

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    i need a therapist after this video

    • Shamal Thaher

      Shamal Thaher

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  35. Cing Muan

    Cing Muan

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    How do you know all the hair styles

  36. ARMY + BLINK 08

    ARMY + BLINK 08

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    ewww the 5 braids idea is funny and dumb

  37. ARMY + BLINK 08

    ARMY + BLINK 08

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    and lol ur hair styles are dumb dumb dumb who would do that like bruhh

  38. ARMY + BLINK 08

    ARMY + BLINK 08

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    heyyyy!!! y u talk like its so annoying ughhh

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    Poor fidget spinner child

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    They sound different

  43. Shilpi Swati

    Shilpi Swati

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    Is this your own daughter

  44. Lia Jones

    Lia Jones

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    the narrators voice sounds so forced like nobody talks like that unless you high pitch JoJo Siwa. Your voice is so high that’s it’s cracking and then it sounds like the troom troom company owner is holding a knife to your throat

    • moo roblox

      moo roblox

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  45. Cierra Sariego

    Cierra Sariego

    4 ditë më parë

    Love how at 9:20 she gives her the hairdo from mouse hunt😂😂😂

    • Kathrine Huggons

      Kathrine Huggons

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    Milla Thompson

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    vivian Pham

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    Yall clickbate thumbnails are everything

  48. Kholoud Hasan

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    The hilmit was stupid sorry if it hurt your fleeing troom troom!

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    Robert James

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    Her voice is Loki sounds like a dying rat (no offense)

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    4B Soukhin Mukhopadhyay

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    Its not hack it hacks your life 😂😂

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    Gurl those hair extensions are thick

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    BobaBerry_tea Official

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    2:26 is that charli d-

  63. sharon reid

    sharon reid

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    The Voice is low

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    So baddd 😡

  67. Gia The little YouTuber

    Gia The little YouTuber

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    7:37 I don’t think that works as a helmet

  68. Wesley Flothuis

    Wesley Flothuis

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    Joe her is koel

  69. Julie Manalili

    Julie Manalili

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    9:78) years ago

  70. Gacha Gymnast

    Gacha Gymnast

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    2:14 ji-just no

  71. Gacha Gymnast

    Gacha Gymnast

    4 ditë më parë

    1:48 that hair looks rediculous

  72. Gacha Gymnast

    Gacha Gymnast

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    In the thumbnail that “pop it hair” pop its are way to popular because now troom troom is over here doing this🙄🙄

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    Srija Saha

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    The video is very very bad 👎 😕 😒👎👎👎👎👎👎

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    Black ninjas

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    It is amazing

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    Anna Vasilaki

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    Pop it ruv hat is that you in the thumbnail?



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    Beautiful hair style 💗

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    Mariam Gamal 19019

  82. Debbie Collins

    Debbie Collins

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    Lol what happed to the narrators voice is she going through puberty?!

    • ARMY + BLINK 08

      ARMY + BLINK 08

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    Adopt Dubai

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    Sara Tariq

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    Butch Crockett

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    I can’t stand her voice the one that talks the whole entire time in the video I mean can someone relate 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    • Flawless Alishba

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      Rania Hesty

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  88. Hannah Evans

    Hannah Evans

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    Yes, because if you put a bunch of clips in ur hair when you slam ur head into the ground you will be fine

  89. Mermaid S

    Mermaid S

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    These are crazy and doesn’t even look good

    • Quinn Cranston

      Quinn Cranston

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    Nelly MUA Shiweda

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    maisie and lexi lawrence lawrence

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    2:17 i thought that was charli lol she looks like her

  95. •Ashley Mae •✔︎

    •Ashley Mae •✔︎

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    my guy really said cute but when u look at the thumbnail aint cute 0:38 SHE HAS DANDROUGH HES A KID

  96. lyla mason

    lyla mason

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    her voice though

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